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Mukta made me AWESOME designs. They’re so cute. If you need graphics, use her. They’re 1,000,000 times better then anything I could’ve done! Thanks Mukta

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Kate from CommuniKate

Mukta is an incredibly wonderful person. She’s super creative and funny as well *laughs* Her emails make me sure of my blog progress and I’m alerted to what happens to it every step of the way. She’s determined to let bloggers see a brand-new site *sometimes, too determined; I literally had to tell her to chill ;)* My blog’s beautiful now and I owe it all to her for making me proud of it ❤ Hearts to you *wipes a tear from an eye*

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Allyson from Cute But Awkward

I’m Saanika from Heart of a Dreamer. I had signed up for a blog design for my blog from Mukta. At that time her site was still on hiatus, but still, Mukta replied back in a day or two’s time to let me know when she can get back to me. When she did get back to me she started the project immediately. I was involved in every step. She was redesigning my whole site. It took about a month to complete the whole project. And if I didn’t like any design she would change it immediately and send another one. It was really nice working with Design Pique Studios and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to get their site designed. Thank you, Mukta!

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Saanika from Heart of a Dreamer

Before I found Mukta I was basically trying to design my site all by myself, which was kind of catastrophic…it was in desperate need of a makeover. With the help of Mukta we improved on things such as my logo, my button, my sidebar, and she helped me set up a mailing list. Not only was she extremely helpful throughout the whole process, she also helped me learn enough so that if there’s something that I want to improve, I can do that by myself. I give Mukta 5 out of 5 stars! I would definitely use her again and you should use her right now!

This site no longer uses my design.

Noel from Just Another Nefelibata

I had some sort of vision of what I wanted my site to look like, and Mukta made it possible with Design Pique Studios! Even though Mukta is the one designing the site, the blogger is included every step of the way, so everything is exactly how you want it to be! I was surprised at how quickly the designing process worked- I told Mukta what I wanted, and she had the design sent to me almost right away! Even though DPS is a non-professional service, the designs and quality are definitely professional quality. Mukta helped make the dream of my blog design possible!!

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Sapphire from Simply Sapphire Song