What People Are Saying

Mukta was very easy to work with. She made my crazy vision come true. I recommend Mukta’s service for anyone wanting to design a website or even a book cover. I’m very glad I found Design Pique Studios, it’s wonderful! One thing you must know about Design Pique Studios is that it is an unprofessional business that designs professionally. Mukta’s business is free, but her designs are professional. This may make you think twice, but when you see the designs she’s done (she does book covers too), you’ll fall in love with her company.Design Pique Studios has designed plenty of blogs and book covers, so naturally, Mukta is very busy. However, she was very kind (even when I disturbed her on vacation… twice) and always found time for our emails. We were able to get the design completed in less than two weeks.

Overall: I love Design Pique Studios and recommend it to you, whoever you are :). It’s very professional, not pricey at all, and easy to do. She makes the process so simple and easy and I really do recommend her.


Christina from Christina and Camera

Working with Mukta was a great experience! She was super helpful and patient even when we ended up throwing out the design halfway through and practically beginning anew with a different theme! The fonts and colours she picked out were just perfect – the only hard part was choosing between them. I’ve never seen any that represent my brand better than these do. She really captured what I needed with my website. Now my design is neat, clean, and professional… and really cute besides with just enough carelessness and just enough vintage-ness and… just lovely. ❤
I would definitely recommend Mukta to anyone needing a designer for their blog or website. Personally, I wouldn’t call her unprofessional as she was anything but. Thank you so much! 😀

Kellyn from Kellyn Roth (Author)

Hey guys, Zella here! I just wanted to say what an amazing designer, blogger and friend Mukta is. I wrote her before school started and got an email in the middle of a class! That’s how fast she saw and replied. I snuck an email back to her, and I didn’t see anything back for a while (probably because she went to bed). The next morning, I woke up to see another girl’s image and a bunch of coding stuff on my site. Scared that I had attracted a hacker from the night before, I contacted Mukta to make sure everything was A-ok. Everything was better than A-ok. In less than a week, Mukta had made an attractive, business-like, professional design using my logo as a reference point. I love the beige/brown colours she used for my design, and I can make pages and add things to my website as easy as pie now! I showed the site to my parents, and they loved it! It’s really attractive, and we hope it will increase sales!
Please visit my site, to see Mukta’s design and have a look around yourself!
Overall, I give Mukta a 12/10. (Yup, I added extra brownie points for you). She made me all kinds of cool HTML coding accessories that just made my site awesome. Thanks, girl!

Zella from Zella Books

I want to start by saying how thankful I am to Mukta for designing my blog. I emailed her while she was on hiatus, but she emailed me as soon as she was back! Mukta was very systematic and prompt in answering all my emails. I felt totally comfortable telling what I wanted, what I liked, and what I wanted to change. She was so fun to work with and is a truly talented designer. I recommend her to anybody looking for an easy, free, fun, and quick experience.


Rachel from Nancy Drew

Hello! My name is Enni, and I’m the future author of Starting OverStarting Over was my NaNoWriMo novel, because unlike others, I also like to get covers before I start, since maybe it will have some element that can add to my story!
Mukta had exactly what I was looking for – free, beautiful designs. She showed me many different pictures, and when we had decided on one, she was very flexible with all the fonts. In the end, I had a beautiful cover and a new plot twist to add to my story!
Mukta is a very fun person to work with, and she is always willing to tweak anything to fit your tastes. In the end, you’re always in love.
So, yes. I would recommend Design Pique Studios for sure.


Enni, Author of Starting Over