ASMP Day Two

Hahaha. Is it funny I remembered to do this on day three? Because seriously, being a designer for others is waaay harder than I thought. And way more appealing than I expected. As a plus point, it is a great excuse for procrastination.

Welcome to the second post about my once-in-a-lifetime design mentorship program experience!


I like keeping things brief and organized, and very often those two things clash and turn into boring instead. I don’t know what this is supposed to be. You decide.

Anyway, it’s about time we jumped right in!

Assignment from Day One

Look up Art Movements and pick a favourite. Then make an A3 poster about it, and dress like it in the next session.

What We Did

Of course, the session started off with a presentation of our projects. The Art Movement I chose was called Pointillism, which is essentially the creation of a picture using small dots of colour. But I, being the messer-upper of the century, made tiny black dots and got a finished product of this.pointillism

And yes, the colours turned out drab and plain weird, and so, my friends, my chosen career of a messer-upper went one more step towards great success.


After that, we worked with colours and compositions. And at the final stage of the session, we began discussing stop motions, which we were going to be making next time (which was today, sheesh).

The stop motion was meant to market some of Alicia’s Valentine’s products. Keeping that in mind, we tried to cook up a storyline and look for bases on which to build the vid. How it turned out is a long story, but I’m evil and I prefer to keep you waiting until the next post. 🤪

What Next?

Day Three was conducted today, 30th January. Rather unfortunate that I posted so late, so all the drama has leaked from that sentence.

Our assignment for Day Three was to illustrate a day in our life and to use Photoshop to digitalize it. This was to see how far we had gone into Photoshop by ourselves and to… test out individual skill?

I could show my work to you now, but… nope. Let’s wait until next time, shall we? As of now, I want to thank each and every one of you guys for your continued support and lovely comments.

I hope to see you in the next post!


Alicia Souza Mentorship Program (aka ASMP): Day One

This was supposed to be done on Monday, aka almost a week ago, aka on the day the internet decided to get off the rocker.

But let’s just forget I said that, shall we?
Today I’m going to share with you my first-day experience in the mentorship program I was selected to attend (psst… dunno what I’m talking about? Click here)! I am SO excited to be doing this right now because I never thought this moment would come but LET’S JUST GET STARTED ALREADY.


First things first


Conveniently, my mom being obsessed with her usual backup plans (wow mom you’re just like me… or the other way round) we got to Alicia’s studio an hour and a half early. So we had to pass time until it was time to go. And then my heart began thumping super fast and I thought I was going to melt. But there wasn’t enough time for that, clearly.


As we entered the studio, I was greeted by a white wall covered with a humongous version of THIS-


I mean, who wouldn’t want to walk in to that??

And yes, I did Photoshop that image off a photo to have something to do.

And just as I expected someone to lead me in and ask me to politely take a seat, I was received by Alicia herself. AND SHE WAS SO FRIENDLY I ALMOST COULDN’T BELIEVE IT.

When I walked into the room, one of the three girls (we’ll call her R) was already there.
EXPECTATION: things would be super awkward and I would end up staring like an idiot.
REALITY: we. actually. got. along. really. well.



You know what? Maybe I should do this in her own words.

Alicia Souza works from her studio in Bangalore, India. Born and brought up in the Middle East, she graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Design and moved to India five years ago. She is currently working as a freelance illustrator and entrepreneur of her company that manufactures gifting and artist merchandise under her label. Her work has also been licensed by various companies.

Some of her lovely clients (in no particular order) include Penguin, Google, The Mint, Yahoo, AOL, 3M, Wipro, Cadbury/Mondelez, INK, Time Out, Cornetto, Air Asia, Kyoorius, Amazon, The Hindu, Champak and Tinkle. 

Besides drawing, she enjoys obsessing over her dogs, Charles-Brown and Lola-bear, writing snail mail and ‘pretzeling’ herself into various yoga-poses. 

She is also an INK Fellow and does talks on creativity at various TEDx’s and colleges around India. 


Alicia Souza



The other two girls were absurdly just like me. It felt funny. Getting to know them was just like…

Image result for whoa gif

Both of them are photography obsessed. One does Photoshop. The other even did a course in animation.

The whole while I was just thinking this is going to be amazing.

What we did on Day One

Summing it all up into a post will be really hard, but I’ll try my best-

First we introduced ourselves and stuff, and then we were each given a 2018 calendar (find it for sale here). It is really neat, by the way! 😉

The first exercise we did involved understanding composition. Then we were given a product that we had to arrange and photograph keeping the composition of the picture in mind, then give a little presentation. All in all, the session was photography centred.

At the last few minutes, we had some time to get to know each other better and then introduce the other interns to the team. That turned out fun. 🙂

What Next?

Our little “assignment” for the next session was to look up Art Movements and pick our favourite. Then we have to make an A3 poster about the one we chose (I’ll give you a picture when I’m done with mine next time). PLUS, we’ll have to dress like it (sounds crazy)!

The next session will be on Tuesday, 23rd January. Yeah, that’s some two days from now, but something tells me I’m not going to be very punctual posting about it. 😄


So… what do you guys think?

Something AMAZING Just Happened// Featuring Alicia Souza and Me Hyperventilating

Why is today one of the BEST days of my life? Why do I sound like I’m about to burst through your screen? WHY AM I OBLIGED TO SPEAK IN CAPS LOCK??

Because guys. Something AMAZING happened today. And I may as well collapse into a squealing mess, so this post is going to be short, to the point, and FULL OF ME TOO FUZZYHEADED TO BREATHE.

How about we start at the beginning- in December, knowing that design is one of my major passions and I love it just as much as I love chocolate (that’s saying something), my mom showed me a mentorship program on a site called Unherd, incidentally run by my dad’s old colleague.

It was an opportunity to work with REAL professionals and find out how a design studio works. Naturally, I entered. Try and guess what comes next.


Two days ago, I got an email saying that I got selected for the programand what is more, out of 50+ entries from all over India, I was one of three to be selected!

*cue screaming and fainting and uncontrollable hysteria*


The designer I’m going to be learning from is the super talented ALICIA SOUZA, and the mentorship program will be held from the 15th of January (THIS MONDAY!!) to the 16th of February, once a week for five weeks, so that makes five three-hour sessions in total.

So here’s what I’m going to be doing: After every session, I’m going to squeeze my experience into a post and highlight everything I learnt.

Before I hyperventilate again, be sure to come back on Monday to see how the first day went! Oh, and PLEASE wish me luck, I’m really going to need it! ❤

See you later guys, and thanks for all the support!

Much love,

Project 6.2- Behind the Screens of It’s Brooke Jade (And Some Quick Free Wallpapers to Kick the New Year Off With)

Remember the gold-filled design I highlighted in my last post? Yes, that’s the one. Today I’m going to be talking about my experience designing with Brooke.

Since our communication took place via this blog, our exchanges were not very detailed and often meagre. However, that only made it better to handle, because less experimenting means less time consumption, which makes designing rather to-the-point and ultimately easier.


ALSO, in case you didn’t notice, it’s 2018!

So, to *cough cough* celebrate, I’m going to be handing out a desktop and mobile wallpaper I designed. Which, like every other content on this site, is absolutely free of cost, so yaaaaay for 2018!

If you’d like a download, you can right-click and click on Save As, or in case you’re on your phone, just long press.

DESKTOP WALLPAPER (1920×1080 pixels, 72dpi resolution)


MOBILE WALLPAPER (1024×768 pixels, 72dpi resolution)



I hope you like ’em, guys! So you again soon, thanks for sticking around. 🙂

P.S: I kind of got a tad bit reckless with my cycle and bruised my hand… let’s just say posts will be a little choppy until that gets better. 🙂

Project 6.1- It’s Brooke Jade Overview

Before I start, let me take the time to point out my observations on how bloggers have a crazy obsession with gold. Fine, it’s a great colour, it gives you all the reasons in the world to like it, but seriously? How I did not notice this before??


About It’s Brooke Jade

Brooke is a Californian foodie, bookworm and animal lover and started It’s Brooke Jade because she wanted a place to “vent and be herself”. She’s a photographer and… um… highly dislikes avocados. Will someone please tell me why I feel weird talking about people like this?

Maybe it’s because… you should go check out her blog and find out more about her so you won’t have to hear me blab. Yeah, that’s a much better idea.








Page Headers







Youtube Chanel Button Thingy


Profile Picture




Wait, let me guess. The gold strained your eyes. I know I’m right. 😉 Well, without further ado, here’s what she says about her experience.

Testimonial From Brooke

Hi there! I’m Brooke from and
I just wanted to share a bit about my experience with Mukta designing my sites. First of all, she makes sure that you’re comfortable with the procedure. Next, she asks you what exactly you want for your site to look like. And if you have absolutely NO idea, like I did, she gives suggestions and options. Finally, she ALWAYS makes sure you are in LOVE with the final product. Overall, if I had to rate my overall design experience with Mukta, I’d give her a 10/10.
Thank you, Mukta! 😇😄
Well, let me explain what Blue Birds of a Feather was about- I had two orders from Brooke for two different sites. One was her personal one and one was her collab blog, and the latter received a Quick Design Service.


Project 5- Rationality is Not Me Overview+ Behind the Screens

Note: Since this project was not very big, I’ve merged the Overview and Behind the Screens into one post.

Hello there! How’s your day going so far?

Today I’m going to share another of my earliest projects, the header of the blog of a very talented studyblr-er (wow, I have no idea what that means) and insanely entertaining human being in general.

You may know Tanisha as the girl behind Rationality is Not Me (wow, same!)

the quality of being able to think sensibly or logically.

Well, come join the gang.


About Tanisha

“The truth is, unlike my friends, I’ve always been one for flashy entrances. I like to be memorable, someone that you’d never dare forget. I’m a bit power-hungry, which I self-diagnose as “leadership qualities”. I like to write, read, think, look, love, and observe. I’m what you’d call a “weirdo”.  I don’t believe in teenage girls who think they’re worth nothing, or 3rd graders who think they rule the world (AKA my sister).  I believe in equity, not equality, and that destiny is fully changeable.”

sourced from site


Well… pretty much just the header, I guess, so let’s keep this short and crisp.


And of course, the little credit image I am so very fond of-



Tanisha gave me a good idea of what she wanted and was brisk and straightforward with her replies, so working with her was not hard. I had some difficulty with the fonts but when that was done, everything finished fairly quickly. Tanisha got the Complete Design Service, which means I set the theme for her.


Testimonial from Tanisha

Hi, I’m Tanisha, and I’m the author of Rationality Is Not Me. I decided to change the types of posts I would be writing on my blog, and my theme didn’t seem to work with it.

I had been following Mukta’s blog for a while, and when I saw that she was offering to design blogs for free, I jumped at the chance.

I asked Mukta to design my header, and within 24 hours, she had replied to my email. Following this, she always replied promptly and we managed to finish the design in roughly 2 weeks.

Mukta is experienced in graphics and has an amazing work ethic, so if you’re having trouble with your blog’s designs, I would definitely recommend Design Pique Studios!


Project 4- A Light in the Darkness Overview+ Behind the Screens

Note: Since this project was not very big, I’ve merged the Overview and Behind the Screens into one post.

Gracie was one of the first people to order a design from here, and I’m very proud to have contributed this little bit to her blog. She is one of the most amazing and unique people I have had the opportunity to work for, and before you leave this post, make sure to browse around her place because it’s one of my favourite ones in the blogosphere. 🙂

This time, I didn’t design the header. Instead, I got to make Gracie a chat prompt and a divider, which was much easier… or not? I suppose it took just as much effort but not as much time, if that makes sense. I think it’s time to show you what I did already, huh?


About A Light in the Darkness

“This blog is me trying to be ‘a light in the darkness’. I chose to call my blog that because often my Dad would tell me stories about the people who have shaped our world and how they are like lights guiding the people in the darkness to light and safety, just like a lighthouse.”

sourced from site


Chat Prompt

I really enjoyed designing this, particularly because of the thing I did with the question mark. Also, the texture I used was originally red in colour, so doing all the colour alterations finally required some real Photoshop skills. 😛



This one’s story is interesting; I actually chopped this off a part of the font and applied the texture to it, so it compliments the prompt graphic nicely.



This was a very different project and I’m so happy I got to do it! Oh, and you noticed the new design, didn’t you? Lots of things have changed and there are loads of new features. And one of them is this new project profile template I’m going to be using from now-

post graphic

Testimonial from Gracie

Mukta was brilliant to work with. She involved me in every step of the process and her creativity, patience and ingenuity really shone through in her friendly, chatty emails. She was super accommodating and always asked me what I thought, giving me opportunities to make suggestions and share my ideas. I’ve recommended her services to several friends looking to start blogs in the future and would happily do so again. Thanks, Mukta!

Make sure to visit Gracie’s site, and to see my design in action maybe skim through her posts! She also very kindly wrote a post revealing the designs.