ASMP Day 3


WOW. Late late late late late. 🙄

I’m going to hurry through Day Three of my mentorship program because hey, I’m one of the busy folks, plus nobody likes it when posts drag on and on to nowhere.

Hahaha. I don’t make sense. Let’s get started anyway.


Assignment from Day Two

Illustrate a day in your life and to use Photoshop to digitalize it.

Naturally, when I set out to do this it was the last moment, but it surprisingly turned ot better than I expected!

This illustration is drawn incredibly rashly by hand, and perfected and coloured on Photoshop.


The original? Trust me, it was bad.


Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.

What We Did

First, of course, we showed each other the projects on our laptops and explained what they were about and the process of their making.

After that, we set to work on a Valentine’s Day stop motion, and it’s ridiculous that I’m showing this to you after Valentine’s Day but whatever. *sighs*

It was the first time I ever made a stopmotion so it was pretty cool! We set up a tripod and a camera on a table and stood on it and did weird stuff to get about 50 images for the stopmotion, and then we were mailed them using which we created our own individual stopmotions using Photoshop. Seriously, I didn’t even know we could use it for that! Pretty cool, right?

Here’s mine!



We also spent the last minutes of the class experimenting with the Pen tool on Photoshop, which was great since I was dying to know what it could do.

What Next?

The next session will be sometime in the first week of March, the dates are still yet to be finalized.

For the next session, we are to make some kind of thank you card for Alicia and perhaps some other of our mentors as gratitude, and I still have to get to that.

Thank you all for staying through my short and rushed post, you guys are awesome! I hope you’ll be there next time as well. xx


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