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Browse through customised and (un)professionally made designs, crafted free of charge. If you would like a design made for your blog, website or even a book, do look around, and if you find me worthy, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by!


What People Are Saying

  • Working with Mukta was a great experience! She was super helpful and patient even when we ended up throwing out the design halfway through and practically beginning anew with a different theme! The fonts and colours she picked out were just perfect – the only hard part was choosing between them. I’ve never seen any that represent my brand better than these do. She really captured what I needed with my website. Now my design is neat, clean, and professional… and really cute besides with just enough carelessness and just enough vintage-ness and… just lovely. ❤
    I would definitely recommend Mukta to anyone needing a designer for their blog or website. Personally, I wouldn’t call her unprofessional as she was anything but. Thank you so much! 😀

    Kellyn from Kellyn Roth (Author)

  • Hey guys, Zella here! I just wanted to say what an amazing designer, blogger and friend Mukta is. I wrote her before school started and got an email in the middle of a class! That’s how fast she saw and replied. I snuck an email back to her, and I didn’t see anything back for a while (probably because she went to bed). The next morning, I woke up to see another girl’s image and a bunch of coding stuff on my site. Scared that I had attracted a hacker from the night before, I contacted Mukta to make sure everything was A-ok. Everything was better than A-ok. In less than a week, Mukta had made an attractive, business-like, professional design using my logo as a reference point. I love the beige/brown colours she used for my design, and I can make pages and add things to my website as easy as pie now! I showed the site to my parents, and they loved it! It’s really attractive, and we hope it will increase sales!
    Please visit my site, to see Mukta’s design and have a look around yourself!
    Overall, I give Mukta a 12/10. (Yup, I added extra brownie points for you). She made me all kinds of cool HTML coding accessories that just made my site awesome. Thanks, girl!

    Zella from Zella Books

  • I want to start by saying how thankful I am to Mukta for designing my blog. I emailed her while she was on hiatus, but she emailed me as soon as she was back! Mukta was very systematic and prompt in answering all my emails. I felt totally comfortable telling what I wanted, what I liked, and what I wanted to change. She was so fun to work with and is a truly talented designer. I recommend her to anybody looking for an easy, free, fun, and quick experience.


    Rachel from Nancy Drew